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The information on activity of St.-Petersburg centre of sporting dance

The history of creation DSC SPb takes the beginning in 1978, when at Palace of culture of Seamen Dancing club “Karavella” Was created which was legally registered 8 December 1995. As St.-Petersburg centre of sporting dance , Management of the Justice of St.-Petersburg.

The St.-Petersburg centre of sporting dance is regional urban public organization, has the registered charter in Ministry of the Justice Russia. DSC SPb is the member directly Federations of dancing sport of Russia (DSFR) and member of Federation of dancing sport of St.-Petersburg (DSF SPb).

DSC SPb consists of school of dances for the child's, school of dances for the adults and studio of sporting dances. At school of dances for the child's are occupied in a year about 400 person. Place of realization: St.Petersburg, Dancing hall of College of air devices of a structure, Lensoveta street 14, metro station ”Moscowskaya” , dancing platform: parket by the size 13x18 sq.m. Professional light, design, sound.
At school of dances for the adults, using huge popularity, are occupied in a year about 3000 person.

In studio of sporting dances is registered about fifty pairs, in the age of from 7 till 50 years, from E up to M(S) of a class. The sportsmen DSC SPb are finalist and victors of the largest international tournaments and Championship in Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Bulgaria, Chehia, Germany, England and Italy.

In structure DSC SPb enter two judge, have a republican / maximum national/ category.

With 1990 DSC SPb has lead two Championship of St.-Petersburg, seven Open Championships ASD LR, two Cup of Russia on 10 dances, with 1995 Eight tournaments of World classification IDSF Open and one tournament of World classification IDSF International Open, and also annually will carry out(spend) largest in Russia and international tournaments known in Europe: with 1990 " Autumn ritm " in October, with 1991 Traditional tournament in January under the different names in basic it Championships and Cups of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad area, and with 2003 Under the name " Baltic stars "; with 1994?. "Petersburgs ball " in April, each of these tournaments passes with participation more than 400 pairs from Russia, countries Europe,Asia, Scandinavia.